FTimerManager class in Unreal Engine

A class to globally manage timers. It may be used anytime there's a need to work with a time.

Set time interval

//.h file
FTimerHandle FireRateTimerHandle;
float FireRate = 5.f; // initialDelay (+ frequency when bLoop = true)
void TriggerFire();

// .cpp file
#include "TimerManager.h"
    bool bLoop = true; // run in a loop (FireRate specifies frequency)
    GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(FireRateTimerHandle, this, &AExample::TriggerFire, FireRate, bLoop);
    if(bCanFire) Fire();

Timer with a callback function and input parameter

FTimerDelegate allows to create an object that can bind a function, see the code below:

FTimerDelegate InputDelegate = FTimerDelegate::CreateUObject(PlayerController, &AExample::TriggerSomething, Value);
GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(TimerHandleVariable, InputDelegate, StartDelayTime, bLoop);