Learning through playful activities. We will help you develop applications for interactive training of employees in Virtual Reality.

Education that is effective

Put on your glasses, stand up and try everything for yourself. Simply and safely. That's what virtual reality education brings.

Skills gained through experience are more memorable and longer lasting.

  • High training effectiveness by gaining the full attention of the trainee

  • Risk free environment without risk of damage to health and property

  • Time flexibility and good scalability of training.

  • Immediate feedback to the trainee

  • Easy modifiability of training programmes

  • Data-driven bottleneck detection.

Virtual reality is the future of education

Technical staff prefer VR training

Staff trained in VR work with a lower error rate. VR training works out more cost-effective and is preferred by 85% of workers.

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Better memorability of skills and lower error rate

Participants trained in VR demonstrated a 9% higher recall and 41% lower error rate compared to participants with traditional training.


5.7x faster surgeon training

Virtual reality helps solve a 400-year-old teaching dilemma. It reduces the limitations of hands-on learning while creating a more effective learning environment.

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