We will help you design, manage and optimize the most efficient production line and processes.

Greater efficiency and better decision-making

Risk-free simulation in a virtual environment provides a credible basis for making good and well-founded decisions.

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  • Optimal production flow without bottlenecks.

  • Simulation of production performance in relation to a specific variation.

  • Increasing the efficiency by implementation of Lean 6σ.

How is production optimisation performed?

The design of new production lines, sub-assemblies and improvements to existing factories is carried out in a digital 3D model (known as a digital twin) taking into account all production processes. The simulation works with real inputs and processing times at specific nodes. The output is the key performance and economic parameters for each of the variations tracked within the flow of goods through the model.

  1. Creating a parametric model

    Creation of models for the required / proposed layout variants and technological equipment.

  2. Simulation of operational functioning of workplaces

    Variational simulation of the flow of materials and semi-finished products through individual models while simultaneously collecting data at sub-nodes.

  3. Evaluation and comparison of sub-parameters of individual variations

    Evaluation of the efficiency of each proposed production variation, including a comparison with each other.

  4. Incorporating functional changes into production

    Physical/software modification of production leading to higher efficiency.

The principle of creating a production flow model

The simulation model of the production flow provides a perfect overview of the function and efficiency of the individual system nodes. Based on real data and "what-if" conditions, we help you not only uncover bottlenecks, but create more efficient layouts and setups for your production process.

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