Working with Static Mesh in Unreal Engine

What is it Static Mesh, what properties does it have and how to work with it in the Unreal Engine?

Static Meshes

Static Mesh assets are the basic unit used to create world geometry for levels. These 3D models are created in external modeling applications (such as 3dsMax, Maya, Blender, and so on) that are imported into the Unreal Editor through the Content Browser. The vast majority of any level made with Unreal Engine will consist of Static Meshes, generally in the form of Static Mesh Actors.

Instanced Static Mesh

Import Static Mesh - .fbx file

#include "Kismet/BlueprintFunctionLibrary.h" // Engine, Editor only
 * Editor Only - Will not work in packaged build.
 * Create and process a StaticMesh import task.
 * @param SourcePath		The path of the source file: "C:/Temp/MyStaticMesh.fbx"
 * @param DestinationPath	The path of the imported asset: "/Game/Folder/MyStaticMesh"
 * @param bOutSuccess		If the action was a success or not
 * @param OutInfoMessage	More information about the action's result
 * @return The imported StaticMesh
UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "")
static class UStaticMesh* ImportStaticMesh(FString SourcePath, FString DestinationPath, bool& bOutSuccess, FString& OutInfoMsg);
.cpp file
#include "Factories/FbxImportUI.h" // UnrealEd (Editor Only)
#include "Factories/FbxStaticMeshImportData.h" // UnrealEd (Editor Only)

UStaticMesh* UExampleClass::ImportStaticMesh(FString SourcePath, FString DestinationPath, bool& bOutSuccess, FString& OutInfoMsg)
   UFbxImportUI* Options = NewObject<UFbxImportUI>();

   // Required options to specify that we're importing a static mesh
   Options->bAutomatedImportShouldDetectType = false;
   Options->MeshTypeToImport = EFBXImportType::FBXIT_StaticMesh;
   Options->bImportMesh = true;
   // No skeletal mesh or animations
   Options->bImportAsSkeletal = false;
   Options->bImportAnimations = false;
   Options->bCreatePhysicsAsset = false;

   // More options
   Options->bImportTextures = true;
   Options->bImportMaterials = true;
   Options->bResetToFbxOnMaterialConflict = true;
   Options->LodNumber = 0;

   // UFbxAssetImportData
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->ImportTranslation = FVector(0.0f);
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->ImportRotation = FRotator(0.0f);
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->ImportUniformScale = 1.0f;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bConvertScene = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bForceFrontXAxis = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bConvertSceneUnit = true;

   // UFbxMeshImportData
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bTransformVertexToAbsolute = false;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bBakePivotInVertex = false;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bImportMeshLODs = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->NormalImportMethod = EFBXNormalImportMethod::FBXNIM_ComputeNormals;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->NormalGenerationMethod = EFBXNormalGenerationMethod::BuiltIn;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bComputeWeightedNormals = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bReorderMaterialToFbxOrder = false;

   // UFbxStaticMeshImportData
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->StaticMeshLODGroup = FName();
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->VertexColorImportOption = EVertexColorImportOption::Replace;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bRemoveDegenerates = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bBuildReversedIndexBuffer = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bBuildNanite = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bGenerateLightmapUVs = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bOneConvexHullPerUCX = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bAutoGenerateCollision = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->bCombineMeshes = true;
   Options->StaticMeshImportData->DistanceFieldResolutionScale = 0.0f;

   // Create the import task
   UAssetImportTask* Task = UExampleClass::CreateImportTask(SourcePath, DestinationPath, nullptr, Options, bOutSuccess, OutInfoMsg);
   if (!bOutSuccess) return nullptr;
   // Import the asset
   UStaticMesh* RetAsset = Cast<UStaticMesh>(UExampleClass::ProcessImportTask(Task, bOutSuccess, OutInfoMsg));
   if (!bOutSuccess) return nullptr;
   // Return the imported asset
   bOutSuccess = true;
   OutInfoMessage = FString::Printf(TEXT("Import Static Mesh Succeeded - '%s'"), *DestinationPath);
   return RetAsset;

Assign material for Static Mesh