Unreal Engine / Project Settings Rendering

Official documentation at Unreal Engine Project Settings.

XR Development performance features: Project Settings for XR.

XR Best practicies


  • Disable Vertex Fogging in Mobile Shaders

Forward Renderer

  • Forward Shading

    Switching from default Deferred rendering to Forward Rendering.

Default Settings

  • Bloom - "Bloom" refers to a post-processing effect that simulates the way bright light sources can cause surrounding areas to appear to glow or bloom. It enhances the visual impact of intense lights in a scene by spreading their brightness to nearby pixels, creating a halo or aura effect. (It can be overrided)
  • Ambient Occlusion (AO) - Ambient Occlusion refers to a shading technique that simulates the soft shadows that occur in areas where objects are close to each other, blocking or occluding ambient light. Ambient Occlusion helps to create more realistic and visually appealing scenes by adding subtle shadows in the crevices and corners of objects, giving a sense of depth and contact between surfaces. It contributes to the overall lighting and shading of a scene, making it look more grounded and natural. (It can be overrided)
  • Auto Exposure
  • Motion Blur
  • Anti-Aliasing Method
    • None
    • Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA)
    • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA)
    • Multisample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
    • Temporal Super-Resolution (TSR)
  • MSAA Sample Count
    • No MSAA
    • 2x MSAA
    • 4x MSAA
    • 8x MSAA
  • Light Units
    • Unitless
    • Candelas
    • Lumens


  • Separate Translucency
  • Translucent Sort Policy
  • Translucent Sort Axis


  • Foveation

    Dynamic Fixed Foveation is a rendering technique used in virtual reality (VR) to optimize performance by allocating more rendering resources to the central region of the user's field of view (fovea) and reducing the level of detail in the peripheral areas.

    • HMD Fixed Foveation Level
    • Dynamic Fixed Foveation
  • Instanced Stereo - It allows sharing a certain amount of data during rendering between a pair of VR headset screens. The result is a reduction in the number and time of handling draw requests.
  • Mobile HDR (Used on Mobile pipeline only)
  • Mobile Multi-View - Enables single-pass stereoscopic rendering on mobile platforms.
  • Round-Robin Occlusion Queries - The Round-Robin Occlusion Queries technique involves cycling through a set of objects or regions in a scene, issuing occlusion queries for each one in turn. This sequential approach helps balance the computational load and ensures that the occlusion queries are distributed evenly across the frame, avoiding potential bottlenecks.


  • Custom Depth-Stencil Pass
  • Custom Depth with TemporalAA Jitter