Firewall settings on MikroTik router

No matter which MikroTik router you have, its operating system and the RouterOS administrative interface are always the same. This wiki page describes the function and settings of the Firewall.

What is the purpose of a Firewall on a router?

A Firewall on a router serves several key functions related to security and managing network traffic. Its primary purpose is to protect the network by controlling and managing incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined security rules.

A Firewall is part of any network infrastructure, providing not only basic defense against external threats but also sophisticated tools for managing and monitoring network traffic. Proper configuration and regular updates are crucial for ensuring optimal protection and performance of the network.

Main Functions of a Firewall

  • Network Security

    • Preventing Unauthorized Access: The Firewall prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the network, blocking unwanted or malicious traffic.
    • Protection Against Internet Attacks: It protects the network from various external attacks such as hacking attempts, viruses, worms, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • Traffic Control and Management

    • Traffic Filtering: Allows or blocks network traffic based on IP addresses, ports, protocols, and other criteria.
    • Policy Implementation: Enables network administrators to create and enforce policies for network usage, such as blocking access to certain websites or services.
  • Monitoring and Logging

    • Logging and Monitoring Activity: The Firewall can record attempts to connect to the network, helping identify suspicious activity and potential security threats.
    • Traffic Analysis: Helps in analyzing traffic for improving network performance and security.
  • Network Segmentation and Isolation

    • Network Segmentation: The Firewall can be used to separate different parts of the network (e.g., separating guest network from the internal corporate network), which enhances security.
  • Bandwidth Limitation

    • Bandwidth Control: Some types of firewalls can limit the amount of data that can pass through the network, helping prevent network congestion.
  • VPN and Remote Access

    • Supporting Secure Remote Access: Firewalls often support VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections, allowing secure remote access to network resources.